Registration and naming of baby

Birth registration

We register the birth based on the birth-notification the midwife sends to us.

If the baby is born at home without the participation of a midwife, the mother must register the birth within 14 days: 

If the child's parents are married

If the parents are married to one another you are both automatically registered as parents of the child.

If the child's parents are not married

If the child's parents are not married, you must fill in a Omsorgs- og Ansvars-erklæring, (Declaration of Care and Responsibility) in order to register the father of the child.

This must be done within 28 days of the baby's birth. If this deadline is exceeded, we will forward the case to the Familieretshuset, (the Agency of Family Law), which will then contact the child's mother regarding paternity.

When the Omsorgs- og Ansvars-declaration is completed, joint custody is registered at the same time. If this is NOT desired, contact the church office.

If one or both parents do not have a NEM-id, the declaration must be filled in on paper:

If the declaration is completed elsewhere than at the church office in the presence of the parish clerk, it must be additionally signed by two witnesses. All persons must sign the declaration on the same day, so make sure that all noted dates are the same.


Once the paternity is in place, the child can be named. This must happen within 6 months of the birth.

Appliction for a name is done digitally through Both parents must sign with NEM-id.

If one or both parents do not have a NEM-id, the application must be processed on paper which should be sent or delivered to the church office, (Niels Hemmingsensgade 5, 1151 København K):

There is a lot of legislation regarding names in Denmark. If necessary, read more about the rules here: link til rules and procedures regarding names

If a ‘non-approved’ first name is required, it's usually Familieretshuset who decides whether the name can be given. Their case processing time for naming is currently up to 4 months.

Non-approved names that are very similar to already approved first names may be able to be registered directly from the church office.

When the name is registered

When the name is registered, you will be notified through your e-boks, and you will be eligible to order a certificate with the babys name. ...                                                                            
If you order the digital version, it will be sent to your e-boks, if you order the paper-version, it will be posted to you within a few days. 

If it is urgent, you can call and arrange to pick it up at Niels Hemmingsensgade 5, 1151 København K.]
+45 3315 4144 (Between 10AM-3PM). E-mail: